Monday, December 3, 2012

This Week's Workout Plan

Mon. 12/3
6 mi easy

Tue. 12/4
Fartlek Run:
1/2 mi easy
2.5 mi fartlek
1/2 mi easy

Wed. 12/5

Thur. 12/6
Tempo Run:
1 mi easy
2.5 mi @ 8:32 min/mi
1 mi easy

Fri. 12/7

Sat. 12/8
Long Run:
7 mi easy

Most of the time life doesn't go as planned. I visited my parents last weekend to go deer hunting with my Dad. We saw some deer, but they were too far off to take a shot. I had a 6 mile long run scheduled for last weekend, but after tramping through corn fields and thicket for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday morning, I was pretty tired! Not to mention, a rifle gets kind of heavy after a few miles. I still want to get that run in, so I'm rearranging what I had originally planned for this week.

I've mentioned that I like to plan things out. It helps me know that I'm getting everything done. But that doesn't mean I let it take over my life either. I think it's important to have balance like that. If a schedule causes you anxiety, or if you abstain from things you enjoy because it doesn't fit in your workout schedule, I think you need to reevaluate your priorities.

I have, have, HAVE to get my membership to the Y this week. Then I'll have a couple weeks to practice rowing and swimming before the real workouts start.

Half-Marathon Training Countdown: 3 weeks!

Cavegirl Runner

How do you find balance between working out and the rest of your life?

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