Monday, December 10, 2012

This Week's Workout Plan

Interval Run:
1/2 mi warmup
4800m - 200m fast, 200m slow
1/2 mi cooldown

Row - technique work (20-30 min)

Tempo Run:
2 mi easy
2.5 mi @ 8:17 min/mi
1 mi easy

Row - technique work (20-30 min)


Long Run:
7 mi easy

Last week I decided to turn my fartlek run into an interval session at the track. It went really well and I'm glad I did it! I'm going to go back to the track this week and next to get used to it before I have to do it "for real."

I have the money for a membership to the YMCA now, so I will probably take care of that later today. The only swimsuit I have is a skimpy black one andI would like to get a proper exercising swimsuit in the next couple weeks. I bought one a couple months ago from the Speedo website, but it was way too small and I sent it back. I guess I should have ordered a different size back then...oh well. As long as my body is covered, it will be ok. Haha.

Countdown to Half-Marathon Training: 2 weeks

Cavegirl Runner

Any swimsuit suggestions for me?

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